That Other Life, or this new one? I guess time will tell.

So I’ve tried blogging before and never really been able to keep it up. Finding the time to write has always seemed too self-indulgent in the end and I’ve always ended up sacrificing my writing time for various other things. However, this time I’m writing this blog for very different reasons. This blog wont be the cathartic venting of an insecure teen or the pet-project of a student having to fulfil certain academic criteria, nor will it be the foodie/boozie reviewing of the latest hospitality hot-spots. This time I’m writing because it was recommended to me by a friend as something of a last resort. That Other Life has come into fruition as I am learning to start a new chapter in my life and turn the page on the last one – if voicing some of my struggles helps even one person with their own struggles, or helps people understand what one of their loved ones might be going through, then I’ll have achieved more than I thought possible here.

I’m going to try and let you in on most aspects of my life, but forgive me for keeping my anonymity – while trying to help myself I still want to try and protect my family and friends, so forgive me my occasional vagueness! Similarly, I will try and keep my posting fairly regular, but as you will perhaps come to realise,  this will probably not come naturally or easily to me. This blog, like me, is a work in progress.

B x